Virtual Life.

Virtual Life and Gameplay

Elite warrior, meticulous inventor, excavator extraordinaire… Only a massive multiplayer online game MMO, can give its intrepid players the choice of who they will become, and what role they will play in their world. Players can shape their virtual experience to reflect their own imagination: with endless customization options starting from their avatar’s appearance, to the weapons, armors, clothing, vehicles, shops and apartments!

And with Planet Toulan, players from all around the world have an access to an extensive and consistent universe, experiencing an awe-inspiring world, built on the impressive CryEngine. And they won’t be alone: terrifying beasts, powerful mercenaries, lunatic sages hidden in secret palaces… Players will experience a sweeping world of wonders, no matter what path they choose to follow.










Hunter: Earn a generous living by honing in your killer skills and looting Toulan’s supernatural creatures.

Miner: Scour the different regions – from desert to forest to snow mountains – for the planet’s mineral riches.

Crafter: Become an expert in creating a quasi-endless variety of items for fellow Toulanians.

Lifestyle professions: Take part in the endless customization professions, from beauty and makeup to tailoring and hairstyle.

*Other professions: Create your own niche in Toulan’s marketplace, from real-estate agent to landlord – or even a space pirate sailing the galaxy for prize and glory.


Beyond the skies of Toulan

As part of a vast virtual universe (Entropia Universe), travel beyond the skies of Toulan into a galaxy filled with space adventures and reach other planets, each unique with  its own theme and game world.


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