Having once played host to a sultanate of immense wealth and power, where native Insians and alien Narians worked for peace and prosperity in an almost indestructible nation, Toulan is now only a mere shadow of its past self.
It was 600 years ago that an apocalyptic war, caused by the greed of the two races and fuelled by the fight to control Nawa, the planet’s lifeforce, destroyed the majestic splendour of the land. The old bazars that once held vast riches of spices, gold, silk and swords were turned into rubble, as was the old city of Sabad and most of the continent’s societies. The Insians were nearly made extinct, and the Narians were sent off of the planet, locked behind a door and kept out of Toulan.
To make the planet whole again, the Safians – the perfect race of people numbering less than a dozen – began to rebuild the planet, a process that had to start with the rebuilding of the Insian race. The Safians came up with a technology that allowed them to bring to life individual Insians, incorporating into each person a Nawa core to allow for the cultivation and manipulation of the energy.
As part of the new batch of mortal Insians colonising the planet, you are here to rebuild the nation to its past magnificence, travelling through vast landscapes to hunt mobs, unearth hidden treasures, battle others PVP highlight for land control or run your own guild for the renaissance of Toulan.



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