Nawa: Toulan’s life energy and the fuel for its mystical force.

Jeefs: Nawa-mutated Insians, whose level of mutation varies from minimal to sever, with some being only physically disfigured and others turned into horrific creatures.

Burj al-Hawa (Wind Tower): One of the Nawa-infused dark towers to be found throughout Toulan, were one of the ancient Mages is still locked-up by the Safians.

Bab al-Thalam: “The Door of Darkness”, which keeps the Narians out of Toulan an in another dimension.





This tribal race has no special abilities and mirrors human qualities, such as love, greed, vengeance, friendship, etc. Enslaved  by the Narians (see below) shortly after the magical creatures’ arrival in Toulan, the Insians came together to battle and eventually overthrow the tyrant. Deception within their communities, though, lead to the breakdown of the Toulanian civilisation, turning the once powerful Insians into scattered tribes.


Cosmic creatures with the capability of travelling between dimensions, Narians have the same need for personal gain as the Insians. Unlike their rival race, Narians are able to naturally use the planet’s Nawa, manipulating the energy to build awe-inspiring creations.


The planet’s celestial beings number no more than a dozen, and call Toulan’s moon Elara – where Insians start their journey – their home. They are emotionally detached, and take part in social and economical matters only when they are a threat to the natural balance of Toulan